How do we make reservations?

Contact us at (843) 568-1013. Our staff will answer questions and assist in selecting the right equipment for your event. We will phone you one day prior to your event to confirm your reservation. Please note that the website request submission does not confirm your order. A $50 deposit is required to confirm.

Do I need to make a deposit to hold the reservation?

We require a $50.00 deposit with any Major Credit Card. It is refundable in case of inclement weather. However, the deposit will be non-refundable in case of a cancellation for any other reason, but it can go towards your next rental within a year. If your rental order is over $1000.00 we require a $200 deposit, that is only refundable in case of inclement weather.

Is there a minimum price for each order?

Yes, there is a $175 minimum on all orders.

What forms of payment do you take?

Payment is due upon delivery unless prior arrangements have been made. We accept Cash, Check, and All Major Debit or Credit Cards.

What are your delivery and pickup times?

Our delivery time for morning rentals is no earlier than 9 AM. Pickup is no later than 7 PM. You can choose a designated time for your reservation within those hours (after 9 AM). Each reservation is given personal attention. We will be as flexible as possible with setup time and breakdown time.

How does sales tax work with these rentals?

We are licensed and insured and collect sales tax on all rented equipment based on your tax rate location. If the rental is for a tax exempt organization we require an original signed copy of your sales tax exemption form.

What is your policy if there is bad weather and we need to cancel?

If the weather is not cooperating on the day of your reservation we will be in touch with you and help you to reschedule your reservation. For your safety, if there is heavy rain or it is storming we will not set up the inflatable. Once the inflatable is set up it must be paid for, no reimbursements will be given. We will work with you the best we can if there is inclement weather present or approaching. 

What should we know about adult supervision?

Inflatable bouncers that are used correctly are safer than playground swings and slides. Improper use by the occupants, such as climbing on the nets, rough housing, flipping, or running into one another can cause serious injury. It is important that a responsible adult be in charge of an inflatable at all times to insure that all safety rules are followed to prevent injury.

Can we shoot Silly String in the inflatables?

Use of Silly String in the inflatables is NOT ALLOWED! As stated in rental agreement the customer signs, “Customer acknowledges that if the MOON BOUNCE is damaged by “Silly String”, then a $1,000.00 fee shall be automatically imposed by Lessor and shall be immediately due and payable by Customer.”

How must we prepare for our event?

We will deliver 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to start time of your event. We will phone you one day prior to your event to confirm your reservation. If by chance you have not heard from us, please phone (843) 568-1013 to confirm.

Before we arrive, pet waste must be cleaned up and the setup area must be cleared. We may refuse to set up for your event if the area is not clean. You must be present at time of delivery. We will not return to the event to move the inflatable once it is set up.

We can set up on grass, asphalt, concrete, or indoors.  It is VERY important that we know ahead of time what surface we will be setting up on. Grass surface is safer and preferred. We will drive stakes into the ground on grass or we will use heavy sand bags on all other surfaces. It takes approximately 30 minutes to set up an inflatable.  It is preferable to have an area 20’ x 20’ for basic jump castles.  Larger units require more space and time to set up.  The equipment cannot be set up in DIRT, MUD, SAND, ROCKS or MULCH.

Our inflatables are very heavy—up to 650 pounds—and we use speciality hand trucks and equipment to bring in our larger inflatables. We need at least a 4 foot clear path/access area with ample room for maneuvering. Do NOT attempt to move the units on your own.

How do you blow up the inflatable?

All inflatables require a standard, dedicated 110 volt household outlet within 100 feet. The blower must stay plugged in while the inflatable is in use. If power is not available, a generator can be rented from us for an additional fee. DO NOT PLUG ANYTHING ELSE INTO THE SAME CIRCUIT!

What if I don’t have electrical power?

Generators may be rented for $75.00 each, which includes the first 5 gallons of gas. Additional gas will be an additional charge. 5 gallons of gas will typically run for 4-5 hours, depending on how many blowers are plugged in. If more gas is required, you are responsible for filling up the generator. We will show you exactly how to do so, it is just as easy as filling up your car.

Can an inflatable be used at a park?

For park rentals, payment in full must be made prior to your event. Customer will need to be on location at the park at least one hour prior to event start time to meet our setup team. Please make sure you have all necessary reservations and permits and follow the rules of the park.

What do I need when I rent a Water Slide?

You will need to provide a water spigot and a water hose that is long enough to reach to the water slide. We do not provide water hoses! We will set up the water slide and go over a few rules and then you are responsible for filling up the pool. When renting a water slide, we arrive at least an hour ahead of time so you have plenty of time for the pool to fill up with water. We do not wait for the pool to be full; this is your responsibility. You are also responsible for keeping the pool full at a safe level, which we will show you.

What do I need when I rent a Dunk Tank?

You will need to provide a water spigot and a water hose that is long enough to reach to the Dunk Tank. We do not provide water hoses! Sometimes the local Fire Department will come out and fill up the tank, but you must schedule this ahead of time. Occasionally the water from firetrucks comes out orange due to sediment in their tanks.